To All the Boys P.s. I Still Love You


The cover of the movie is a perfect representation of the feelings through out the film.

Makinzy Todd and Mary James, Memorial Staff Writer

To All The Boys I’ve Loved P.S I Still Love You is the Valentine’s day sequel to the heart melting movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, which had the hearts of almost every girl with its dramatic, high school love story. 

The sequel was released to Netflix Feb. 12. The movie starts right back up where the first one ended. The main characters Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinski (Noah Centineo) are finally dating, and as their relationship continues to grow, Lara Jean runs into another recipient of one of her old love letters. 

The film follows the path of Covey and the many ups and downs throughout her first relationship with Kavinsky. While she is happily in her relationship, she once again meets her childhood love John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher) causing a very rocky start to her relationship.

Although the movie wasn’t horrible, the plot was predictable throughout the film, making it almost boring and not as enjoyable as its predecessor. Even though the acting was good, the phrases and actions of the actors were mediocre in comparison to the first in the series.

Along with the predictable plot, the movie felt a little underdeveloped and viewers weren’t unable to become fully invested in the characters and their lives, especially with Ambrose, as he wasn’t a character in the previous movie. The viewers had barely been introduced to him before he was thrown into a dramatic love triangle that just didn’t seem very necessary. 

The sequel was focused more on Covey and Ambrose’s relationship and not so much hers and Kavinsky’s, which is what a lot of people were expecting and looking forward to. Aside from that, the movie was still adorable with some really exciting scenes and heartwarming moments. 

The directors are planning on making a third installation in the series and although the film ended in a way that there could be an addition to the story, but there should not be another as it would just drag the story on further than it needs to be.

All in all, the movie is recommended to fans of the first one. Although it wasn’t as good, it’s still a perfect Valentine’s Day movie to cuddle up and watch with a loved one.


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