Justin Bieber’s “Changes” isn’t that yummy yummy


Justin Bieber releases new album focusing on his new growth in marriage.

Avery Hamlin, Staff Writer

Justin Bieber recently released a new album titled “Changes” to symbolize his growth throughout his life. Bieber left the spotlight for personal clarity after his album “Purpose” was released in 2015. Since then, he has not done anything noteworthy, other than his recent marriage to model Hailey Baldwin and his 2017 hit “Despacito.” 

“Changes” highlights the steady commitment and reliability of marriage life, a concept usually not present in modern pop music. 

Despite the strong messages within the lyrics, the songs are filled with ringtone sounding beats that are far from complex. Each song has a similar tone to them, no song set apart from the others.

 From previous successful albums, this theme of basic pop songs has worked with his younger fans. Since 2015, fans have grown to expect a more mature sound from Bieber that was drastically missed. 

Yummy,” the first song released before the album was mocked and quickly became a meme on the video platform Tik Tok due to its repetitive use of the lyric “yummy.” With the entire chorus consisting of one word, the song is quite catchy and will easily be stuck in your head, whether that is good or not. The album features many popular pop artists including Quavo, Post Malone, Clever, Lil Dicky, Travis Scott and Kehlani. Despite the different features of artists, one song on the album still sounds similar to the other 16 songs. 

The idea of the album as a whole, Bieber opening up about his marriage and personal life, seems like a brilliant idea that the fans would love to see from him, but it was poorly executed. This is all personal preference, but from an overall music standpoint, this album does not stand out from any album he has done in previous years, let alone any pop album ever created. 

“Changes” expresses Bieber’s rawest emotions to fans who have been waiting since 2015 to see what he has to offer to pop culture. All fans have seen from him for years are features on other artist’s music, waiting for his chance to completely write and transform his own creation that is his own. 

The album clearly is Bieber in a nutshell with the generic pop feel that every teenage girl adores. With the title “Changes” many were expecting to see more change of sound and voice from Bieber and the album did not meet those expectations.