2020 NFL free agency

The 2020 NFL free agency period will be like no other.

The 2020 NFL free agency period will be like no other.

Jaden Scamehorn, Memorial staff writer

As the National Football league’s (NFL) off-season continues, many fans have questioned what big name players will end up doing as they enter free agency. The signing period for free agency begins Mar. 18, and allows athletes to sign with any team that gives them a deal. There is much speculation over where all these superstars in free agency will take their talent.

Quarterbacks are some of the biggest names in free agency this year, including Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, Jameis Winston, Teddy Bridgewater, Marcus Marriota, Ryan Tannehill, Colt McCoy and Eli Manning.

Possibly the most interesting is Patriot quarterback Tom Brady, who has been with the Patriots since he was drafted back in 2000. Brady is currently 42 and has won six Super Bowls in his extensive career. Many are asking; why is Brady still playing? What else does he have to prove? 

It is unknown exactly where Brady will end up. Speculation is rising about whether he wants to stay with the Patriots, as it seems that their long dynasty is coming to an end after losing to the Titans in the wildcard round of the playoffs. 

Phillip Rivers announced that he will be parting ways from the Chargers. Rivers is 38 and has played in the NFL for 16 years. Rivers spent his entire career with the Chargers and wishes to find a new home. People are curious to see what teams will make a move for him.

Rivers has left his prime and is on his downfall. Fans are questioning his decision and think it would be in his best interest to stay with the Chargers. Ideas have been spread on a deal around the Patriots and Chargers. Could we see a potential swap between two Vetran quarterbacks?

2013 Heisman winner Jameis Winston threw for 5,109 yards in the 2019-2020 season. Winston could be a top 5 quarterback if he fixed his fault: interceptions. Winston threw 30 interceptions this season, which makes team’s question his reliability. Regardless of his turnovers, NFL teams have still expressed their interest in him. If Winston cleans up his turnovers, he could be a big name to watch in 2020.

Teddy Bridgewater started five games for the Saints after serving as a backup quarterback. Bridgewater was undefeated in the 2019 season. Bridgewater is now a free agent and teams are expressing interest in him, as he’s a younger quarterback who has experience starting.

Ryan Tannehill had an outstanding second half of the season, helping take the Titans all the way to the AFC championship. Tannehill started the season as more of an average quarterback, but showed tons of improvement throughout the second half. Potential deals for Ryan Tannehill have been explored. Will teams take a risk on him, or will he make another run at the playoffs with the Titans?

The Free Agency period will have a big impact on the draft. If teams make big moves for players, their need for young talent will change. 

The 2020 Free Agency period will be like no other. Starting Mar. 18 star athletes will have big decisions to make that will affect the future of their careers.


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